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Christmas Cookie Clicker

Christmas Cookie Clicker or Christmas Sweet Story.
It's app like popular browser game Cookie Clicker.
Tasty candies is never too much! The point of the game is to make candies by clicking on a big Candy. Unlock new levels, buy new upgrade which help you to make more candies. Compete with your friends.

- Beautiful design
- Easy to use
- Lots of tools: Tap, Elf, Garden, Plantation, Dock and much more.

"Very nice game. Exciting. It's cool what you can see how much candy you make and how much do you need for a new level " - the user.

If you love games like Cookie Clicker, you exactly like Christmas Sweet Story.

this game is updated frequently, which often involves rebalancing. Expect to see prices and candy/sec vary wildly from one update to another

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