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 Christmas Cookie Clicker. How to play?

Instruction of the game:

1) Install and start playing.
2) Get the first gold candy for free.
3) Make 10 candy to buy 1 tap.
4) Make 100 candy to buy 1 elf.
5) Make next 100 candy to buy Reinforced finger.
6) Make 500 candy to buy Research center.
7) Open the new levels by buying new buildings

The goal of the game is to pass all the levels, to make as much candy as possible, to build all the buildings from the list.

Useful notes:

- Don`t forget to share your achievements on facebook to get 1 gold candy
- Buy upgrades to grow up your Cps (candy per sec)
- If you want to know what you need to buy the building, you should click it
- Lollipop helps you to increase your cps by 50% for 5 minute
- Click the monster 5 times to kill him
- Play the game every day with the internet to get gold candy for free
- Click the button "Free" and do the necessary activity to get more gold candy
- Click the button "Buy" to buy more gold candy. You can use sms and store for the buying. Contact us if you have a problem with buying of the gold candy: christmascandygames@gmail.com..
- Follow us on Facebook and vk. Invite your friends to discuss your progress, ways of collection of candy, pulish your screenshots etc.

- Contact our support team if you have any questions: christmascandygames@gmail.com

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